Visualization of asteroids discovered over the past 30 years


    Astronomer Ted Bowell (Ted Bowell) from Lowell Observatory (Lowell Observatory) and his colleagues used data set " astorb.dat " (of The Asteroid Orbital Elements the Database), containing information about all known asteroids humanity, created a computer model of our solar system visualization of all nearby asteroids.

    This truly impressive work has become available for viewing to all comers.

    At the very beginning, the animation shows the locations of all the asteroids known at the beginning of 1980, then, in chronological order, as they are discovered, new asteroids are added to the image. This animation is a vivid and illustrative example of the development of modern astronomy and the history of the study of the solar system and uses data from observatories and amateur astronomers from around the world.

    The animation shows our Sun and the orbits of the 5 planets closest to the star.
    You can see how in 2010 the search for new asteroids accelerated very much, all this is due to the new NASA telescope - WISE , which was launched just this year. Asteroids that open at a certain point in time are highlighted in

    white .
    Red- asteroids crossing the earth’s orbit.
    Yellow - asteroids passing near the Earth.
    Green - safe asteroids for us.

    I advise you to watch video at least in 720p

    At the beginning of 1980 , just under 9,000 asteroids were known .
    Currently, the number of known asteroids has exceeded 500,000 and is rapidly creeping up.

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