Internet Explorer 9 Beta Screenshot

    So, as you know, the beta release is scheduled for September 15th. Previously, screenshots of the interface leaked, but they were similar to IE 8, or they did not look like anything at all.
    Now, foreign online publications are put on the ears with screenshots of IE 9. In general, there is something.
    So, here it is, the graphical interface of IE 9:

    Now about what we are promised:
    1. Support for HTML5, CSS3, etc. Microsoft Melkosoft engineers swear and swear that IE 9 will support everything in the world. The results of the tests in terms of HTML5 is not leading in comparison with other browsers, but the necessary minimum "nine" provides.
    2. Orientation to the Web.Minimalism will be a hallmark of the browser. Looking at the screenshot, I get the feeling that I went too far.
    3. Increased productivity. Everything is clear here. The Chakra engine itself is far from the leader (Peacekeeper tests, Google V8, Mozilla Dromaeo, Sunspider), but “leaves” due to the support of the graphics subsystem, which looks great on Microsoft Testdrive and a bit clumsy on Chrome Experiments.
    4. Fixed sites. A feature that allows you to create a kind of express panel on the Windows taskbar. That is, pin links in the browser icon. I don’t know why this is claimed as a megafitch, but I had an express panel in the taskbar on the Opera even in the winter builds of version 10.50, if not earlier.
    5. Tear-off tabs.At Microsoft, without further ado, they adopted the Google Chrome feature, which made it possible to tear out a tab from the main window and drag it to the edges of the screen.

    You can read more in the article by Andrey Glazov, which was cut from the MS4Press blog , but forgot from the cache of his own Bing .

    In general, all the technical tweaks of the browser have already been disassembled along and across in technical previews, it remains to understand how convenient the GUI will be, and how performance will change with the advent of whistling clothes.
    Update. I also want to scold the engineers of the Redmond giant that they can’t get their own Ferrari under Windows XP. Outrage. What does the same Opera do that can launch its browser already under Windows 98?

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