Information about traffic jams in test mode on Google maps

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Boris Khvostichenko, Google Product Manager
Today, we are launching a test mode service that reports traffic information on the roads of Moscow and St. Petersburg . In order to see it on the map, you need to enable the “Traffic” layer (top right on the maps). So far, data is only available for these cities, but we are working to expand coverage.

Current Moscow traffic jams
To indicate the traffic situation, we use 4 colors, which mean the following (in parentheses are the corresponding speeds for roads with a permitted maximum speed of 60 km / h):
  • black and red stripes - everything is bad, the movement is minimal, no more than 15% of the allowed speed (up to 10 km / h)
  • red - heavily obstructed traffic, not more than 40% of the allowed speed (10-25 km / h)
  • yellow - movement with difficulty, up to 75% of speed (25-45 km / h)
  • green - traffic without interference (from 45 km / h and above)
A little about where we get traffic data. One part of the information comes from our suppliers, and the other comes from Google mobile map users. Then, using special algorithms, the information is processed and then displayed on the map. Naturally, one has to solve many questions: for example, how to identify pedestrians and not take into account the data received from them, because they almost always move slower than cars. We say “practically”, because in big cities, as you know, there are times when a pedestrian overtakes a car :(
At the same time, we keep a history of data, and you can see not only the current traffic situation, but also traffic jams at a specific time and a certain day of the week. For example, if you want to check how things are on the road to your summer house on Friday afternoon, then it will look like this:

Moscow traffic jams on Friday afternoon
Along with regular maps, traffic jams are also available on Google mobile maps (or type in your mobile), for this you just need to enable the corresponding layer on the map. Let me remind you that Google mobile maps are available for Nokia phones with the S60 operating system, for iPhone, for Android and for Windows Mobile. Here's what traffic jams look like on a phone running Android 2.1:

Traffic jams on Android 2.1
Good luck on the road!

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