Fedora 14 (Laughlin) Alpha released

    Today, with a delay of more than a week from the original plan, Fedora 14 (Laughlin) Alpha came out.

    Those who wish to try can already download from mirrors, torrents and Jigdo.

    under cat the list of changes.

    User Changes

    and most importantly, it’s kde-4.5 and Qt 4.7 (was kde-4.4.2), the

    rest of the GUI application version changes are relatively small, unless it’s worth highlighting
    • openoffice.org-3.3 (was openoffice.org-3.2)

    Changes / buns for admins and advanced users.

    • kernel-2.6.35 (was kernel-2.6.33)
    • systemd is the new default initialization system.
    • using grub2 (grub-0.97 also remained, apparently for compatibility)
    • Amazon EC2 cloud support (the last release that was targeted for EC2 is Fedora 8, which hasn't been supported for a long time)
    • python-2.7 - everything is tied to this version a lot of work, because half of gui in redhat-based is tied to python (was python-2.6.4)

    Big changes for developers

    Updating versions of languages, libraries and environments:

    Full list of features here .

    Also popular now: