Trojan caused plane crash

    On August 20, 2008, Spanair flight 5022 departed from Madrid, but a McDonnell Douglas MD-82 plane crashed near the airport. Killed 154 people. Immediately, a commission was established to investigate the causes of the disaster, which now published a preliminary report .

    As reported , the cause of the accident was the virus that hit the computer system of the airline. Because of this, the system could not identify three technical problems of the aircraft, which, if detected, could prevent a crash.

    A preliminary investigation showed that the flaps and slats were removed from the aircraft - and the pilots did not receive a sound message about this, because the take-off warning system could not be activated.

    The computer was infected with a certain trojan that could be put there in various ways: via a USB flash drive (as on the International Space Station in 2008) or through a remote VPN connection. According to experts from Cyber ​​Defense Agency, incidents like this are likely to be repeated in the future.

    The court ordered Spanair to provide all computer logs from its networks before and after the accident. The final report of the experts will be published no earlier than December.

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