Content Blocking Synchronization and Fixes for * nix

Original author: Haavard
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It has been a long time since we changed something in Opera Link. In this snapshot 10.70, we present the ability to synchronize content blocking. This makes it easy to create and maintain a list of blocked items.

This snapshot also has several fixes for Linux / FreeBSD.

Known Issues

  • Existing URLs may not sync: if you already have a list of blocked addresses before you enable synchronization, you may need to add the URLs to the list of blocked addresses by blocking the contents for synchronization before you start working after entering Opera Link.


List of changes

  • Added URL filter synchronization (content blocking)
  • DSK-304462 (The personal panel displays its contents in one window)
Linux / FreeBSD
  • DSK-307161 (The shortcut dialog shows platform information in front of the shortcut values)
  • DSK-308602 (Popup menus background is plain color instead of pixmap / gradient breaks some GTK Themes)
  • DSK-309032 (Slow UI with progress bar set to pop up at bottom and GTK Native used)
  • DSK-309213 (Widgets: Upgrade wizard, "more" leads to wrong location)
  • DSK-309799 (Geolocation memory fix)

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