SMS Notification

    I set myself the task of free notification of important emails via SMS. To do this, I chose Google Calendar, which allows me to send messages about upcoming events.
    Googling for a while about the automatic creation of events in the calendar, he despaired and decided to create an event based on the web calendar interface.

    To do this, I did the following:
    1. I started a new mailbox.
    2. From my mailbox I’m doing a forward to a new mailbox
    3. I created an XP virtual machine running under Win2003
    4. I launched The Bat on the virtual machine, which automatically collects mail from a new mailbox
    5. When the letter appears, The Bat starts the Powerpro script
    6. The script launches Firefox, in which the Google calendar is opened by default, the date is set, an event is created and Firefox closes.

    If someone knows a civilized way, respond.

    Thank you for brainstorming, I liked the suggestion of bliznezz to use googlecl

    Thank you spqer for the link to the free email2sms service in SZ Megaphone.

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