Using a HYPER-V server without a domain

    So, the situation arose of using a HYPER-V server without entering it into the domain itself, as you know (taking a bunch of Internet breaks) it is impossible to do this without using the domain, well, or somehow clumsily, to install something, edit it, log in as another user, and so on, I propose the following option, tested by me and successfully implemented!


    What do we need:

    1. Windows Server 2008 or Windows 7 + RRAS (I won’t tell how to install the administration component of the HYPER-V server)
    2. Built-in runas utility

    Let's go:

    1. Create a text file START_HYPER-V.bat
    We will write the following lines in it: save ... 2.
    cd %ProgramFiles%\Hyper-V\
    runas /profile /env /user:master "mmc virtmgmt.msc"

    Next, we will create the same user on the local machine with the same password as on the HYPER-V server that we are going to manage (we call it master ). It turns out that on the HYPER-V server we have a user with the username master and on the local machine the same user with the same password.
    3. Launch our created START_HYPER-V.bat
    4. Enter the password for the master user
    5. Enjoy the picture received ...

    PS. Adding the / savecred switch to the startup parameters, we need to enter the master password only once, and subsequent launches will automatically use our entered password.

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