A new look at the old puzzle


    Okay . That is what Japanese sounds like, "Welcome!" Welcome to the new world of old Japanese puzzle. Actually, Sudoku ...
    Sudoku is a game familiar to almost everyone. To some extent, even jaded, fed up. I want to refresh her a little, add new emotions to the process of solving. But can this be done? Is it possible to pour a fresh stream into the habitually measured flow of Japanese puzzles without changing the rules?
    Well, let me try ...

    Have you ever bought a magazine with Japanese sudoku? Not? Well then, surely at least once guessed Sudoku in a local newspaper. Or in an entertainment magazine. Or maybe even in a serious national newspaper in which it was printed instead of the traditional crossword puzzle.
    Armed with a pencil and sometimes with an eraser, you sort out the possible combinations of numbers in tense silence, carefully filling one cell of a half-empty square field after another. Some numbers seem to be asking for their place, some are very difficult to pick up, and you wonder for a long time what to do next. The case moves, each new figure brings you closer to a solution. And then ...
    "Yes, there are four here, don’t you see? !!!". This is your friend (neighbor, relative, random passer-by - underline what is necessary) looked over your shoulder at your Japanese sacrament and decided to “help”. He feels smarter than you - because how could you not see this four, you must not be able to count at all so as not to notice it! He is pleased with himself. Prompter…
    Now imagine that there are ten such tips at once. You solve Sudoku, and they tell you from all sides what number and where to put it. Even for the sake of completeness, imagine that you solve sudoku not with a pencil and eraser, but with a computer mouse, choosing the right numbers on the monitor screen. And you do not need to put the prompted numbers, they themselves pop up onto the screen, like devils from a snuffbox.
    Presented? .. Well, then " okay " to the site of the game 9x9.

    Yes, in such a situation everything is decided by speed. You need to think fast, you need to count accurately and accurately. Otherwise, the "tips" get ahead. Intelligent puzzle turns into an arcade. The measured crossing out of unsuitable digits is replaced by a feverish search for a continuation, a search for the next digit. Whoever finds them more, he won.
    According to the rules of the game, up to 10 people can solve the same puzzle at the same time. Having gathered at one “table”, they gain points, getting them for correctly named numbers. At the end of the game, the winners receive rating points, and the losers go to try their luck again, at another table. Since there is a rating, there are its leaders. The site publishes game news, holds various contests, players are assigned new levels for the rating points they have earned, and the rating itself is constantly updated. In general, everything is almost like in a real big RPG online game. Is that a smaller scope ...
    The site itself is made on Google App Engine. Authorization is also natural through Google accounts. The only thing the site asks you is to say how to dignify you in the game. You can have any nickname on your Google account, however in a 9x9 game you will have your own nickname.
    There may be errors on the site, where without them. I did not have the opportunity to test the site in extreme conditions, with a large influx of visitors. As a matter of fact, two or three people participated in testing the site, no more. For more financial opportunities do not allow :). That is why I would like to ask Habr users to indicate the errors found, to communicate their wishes. For my part, I undertake to be a diligent student, I will try to eliminate errors and fulfill your wishes on the site as quickly as possible.
    I am far from thinking that this is the final version of the game. I would like to add a lot, in the forefront are anti-cheat defense, relegation tournaments and much more. But for now, I just want Habrausers to appreciate the idea. Does she have a right to life? Do I need to do all this further?
    Personally, I hope so, yes. Waiting for your feedback and suggestions.
    The site of the game is 9 on 9.

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