A strange bug in opera 10.60 and its possible solution

    I found an unknown bug in the opera of the latest version (it’s 10.60, everything is fine in 9.6): if you want to make a horizontal scroll for a very wide block (more than 18000px) with float elements inside, then the last elements in it will be non-clickable and undetectable (: hover it won’t work), as if something were blocking them: ui.borovin.com/opera1.html The
    salvation was found in display: inline-block for internal elements and white-space: nowrap for an external block: ui.borovin.com/opera2. html
    But for a number of reasons, the second option does not suit me, maybe someone will tell you a solution for float elements. Google doesn’t know about anything like that (although it may be ask crookedly).
    Thanks in advance to everyone for the tips and please for all the warning and possible solution if you are planning to do something similar (by the way, plugins like jScrollPane also suffer from this).
    In other browsers everything seems to be all right, even in it.

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