On gosuslugi.ru now you can see information about their traffic violations

    imageOJSC “Rostelecom” launched the service “Providing information on administrative offenses in the field of traffic” on the State Services portal (this menu item is in your account) , which is provided by the traffic police of the Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russia.

    “To obtain information about administrative offenses in the field of traffic, the user will need to specify only the number of his driver’s license,” the message said on the official website of Rostelecom. “In order to receive information about the offenses committed on the car that is owned by the user, in addition to the number of his driver’s license, he will also need to indicate the state number of this car.” The result of the service is displayed in real time, the company notes.

    PS It's just not clear, but pedestrian violations are not displayed there? And that is, I have a couple of fines for crossing the road in the wrong place :)

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