Mockingbird Flight: Mockingbird Becomes Paid

    Today I received a letter from Mockingbird. The project leaves beta and becomes paid since August 15.
    So the freebie is over, ladies and gentlemen.

    Update at the request of the most respected public: what is Mockingbird for those who do not know
    Mockingbird is an online service for creating wireframes.

    The fee will be from 2 (2 active projects) to 40 (unlimited) bucks per month. Beta users are promised a 25% discount, but only for the first three months.

    The free plan has survived, but it’s of little use, because in it you can keep just one project on 3 pages.

    The authors console us with the fact that there is the possibility of multi-user work.

    More details about the prices under the cut (Eng.)

    A Mockingbird's taking flight

    for We're excited to announce a Mockingbird That will of launch on August 15, 2010 - with multi-user collaboration!


    There will also be a free account available that allows 1 project with 3 pages.

    You can archive finished projects, which won't count toward your active project limit. You won't be charged for months during which you have no projects active.

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