The second issue of the electronic journal UserAndLINUX

    imageFirst of all, the magazine is aimed at those who are not aware of the existence of the GNU / Linux operating system, as well as those who have recently encountered this system and are beginning to master it. The magazine will be interesting for advanced users of the “who is in the know” category.

    The Linux-based operating system is functional, reliable, has a pleasant, not overloaded interface, a wide selection of software, and is already ready to adequately settle on your computer.

    The idea of ​​the magazine is to convey information about the wonderful Linux operating system to as many people as possible, the more useful information there is, the more opportunities there will be to make the right choice - and we hope that this choice will be in favor of Linux.

    The advantage of the magazine is that it was created on the open platform Ubuntu Desktop Linux using only open programs:
    • OpenOffice (material preparation)
    • GIMP (processing and creation of raster images)
    • Inkscape (processing and creation of vector images)
    • Scribus (layout)
    • PDFChain (PDF Layout)


    Name: UserAndLINUX
    Genre: Journal
    Number: v10.07 (2)
    Pages: 105
    Year: 2010
    Format: a PDF


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    Sincerely, UALinux .

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