The largest companies in Runet published their financials

    In the system of professional analysis of markets and SPARK companies recently published data on the income of LLC Yandex and LLC Odnoklassniki. Yandex net profit in 2009 amounted to 2.476 billion rubles, Odnoklassniki in the same year increased profit by 9.4 times compared with 2008.

    The profit of the largest Russian Internet search engine decreased by 9.3% over the year, profit from sales also decreased by 7.3%, amounting to 3.221 billion rubles, and profit before tax by 14.7% to 3.105 billion. At the same time, revenue grew by 13.7% to 9.03 billion rubles, and the cost of goods and services sold by Yandex increased by 41.4% and amounted to 4.795 billion rubles.

    Yandex LLC is the parent company of the group of the same name, which owns one of the largest Russian Internet portals. More than 61% of the company is owned by investment funds, 24% by managers and employees, 10% by private investors and former employees, and 5% by option holders. The company has not previously published data on its revenue, announcing only the turnover. Yandex accounts for more than 60% of all search queries on Runet and is the seventh among the largest search engines in the world, according to the end of 2009. In May 2010, the company launched an English version of its search engine and entered the international level.

    According to SPARK, the performance of another major player in the Russian Internet market has grown significantly. The net profit of Odnoklassniki LLC in 2009 was 366.415 million rubles, compared with 39.096 million a year earlier. The company's revenue amounted to 1.541 billion rubles, which is 2.4 times more than in 2008.

    Profits from sales and before tax also increased from 154.725 million rubles to 719.242 million, and from 66.672 million rubles to 465.382 million, respectively. The cost of goods and services sold increased 1.72 times and amounted to 724.75 million rubles.

    Some analysts are surprised at these results. Market expectations were more than modest, and no one expected that in the difficult year 2009, Odnoklassniki would more than double its revenues. Nevertheless, the service management did a lot of work: advertisers were actively involved, promotions were conducted, and the result was not long in coming.

    Others believe that the service earned due to the introduction of many paid services, since the growth of the advertising market in 2009 as a whole amounted to only 4%. There was a fee for registration, posting photos, buying virtual gifts, for which they were nicknamed "Greedy Classes" in RuNet. A decrease in the growth rate of the number of network users ensured an increase in net profit due to lower costs for the development of infrastructure and personnel. In addition, the service was calculated on loans and according to the results of 2009, Odnoklassniki has no financial debt.

    Unfortunately, there is no one to compare the financial performance of digging with yet. Other players in the Russian social media market do not publish fresh financial indicators. Although analysts believe that the performance of Odnoklassniki competitors in 2009 also increased.

    Recall that only 40% of one of the largest social networks Runet "" belongs to its founders Albert Popkov and his wife. The main owner of the service is the Forticom holding, controlled by the Digital Sky Technology fund Yuri Milner, Grigory Finger and Alisher Usmanov.

    Odnoklassniki LLC expects further growth due to the introduction of new services, for example, games, which the service began to promote recently.

    According to Forbes

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