HP-promo - a month and a half later

    A month and a half ago, I published a post in which I told the conditions of the campaign from Hewlett-Packard. For those who have not read and who are too lazy to follow the link - a short retelling.
    Four months ago I saw a “buy a cartridge - get a prize” sticker on HP cartridges. Erased the protective layer, registered the codes on the site and ordered gifts. I read the rules and it didn’t say anywhere that it is necessary to keep checks or packaging. I waited 2 months and received a letter stating that it was necessary to send them a scan of the receipt confirming my purchase. After a brief correspondence, it all came down to the fact that if there is no confirmation of purchases - there are no prizes, see the rules. And the rules had changed by that time ... Actually wrote a post, told everything as it is and forgot. But!

    Today, July 21, 2010 I received a call from the courier service and brought the prizes that I ordered three and a half months ago. I don’t know what affected them, the article on Habré, their conscience or they simply realized that they were mistaken, but I decided to convey to the habrasociety that everything was not so bad and that there was justice. Happy end, so to speak.
    Thanks to all!

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