Enthusiasts built functional WALL-E from LEGO


    Do not think that this is another stupid copy of the beloved character of the film of the same name, created to advertise a children's designer. I also thought so at first, however, after watching the video (it is continued), my opinion changed dramatically. The thing is that despite some “angularity” of the model, it can transform itself, just like in a movie (well, maybe a little slower). Almost like a real WALL-E robot cleaner, it hides like a turtle, and after the transformation is completed, there is only a box in which only avid movie fans can recognize the robot.

    In addition, the robot from Lego can not only run after Evapretend to be a box, but also take and carry things, and he does it very interesting. He knows how to look back and look up. In addition, he responds quite adequately to the sounds that the environment makes. It is interesting that the authors of the development endowed their WALL-E with a certain degree of independence, so it is not necessary to use the remote control function - the robot itself can come up with something to do now.

    In general, it is surprising how successful the model turned out, which is created from the usual cubes of a child’s designer, plus the not quite child’s Lego Mindstorms system, a huge set of various spare parts that an ordinary child could hardly use. Although, who knows, now there are such kids that they can make an atomic bomb from this very constructor. As the news already slipped that some college student from the usual parts, metal and plastic, gathered in his garage something like a nuclear reactor (I don’t remember exactly the essence of the news).

    And so miracles appear like the WALL-E designer assembled from parts, which can be called a full-fledged robot. Damn, and as a child I made clumsy helicopters from a designer who didn’t even fly, they didn’t even have moving parts. But stop talking, it's time to watch. The first part is the video presentation of the robot itself, and the second part includes all the episodes that were not included in the mini-film.

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