HeadHunter is looking for not only heads, but also startups

    We have great news!
    In early June, we announced that we were looking for projects and entire teams for the Yandex company .

    Now we have another major partner. Company HeadHunter has declared its desire to seek projects with "Glavstart".


    Today, HeadHunter is interested in the following areas:
    • Technological ideas related to various aspects of the automation of staff selection and job search. It can be, for example, datamining projects that collect information on the Internet and analyze it non-standard, projects for the automation of selection, semantic search, etc.

    • Niche job projects (job search in pharmacology, search for nannies, search for repair teams, etc.).

    We are pleased to announce that already at the next Startup Weekend you can start developing your projects for HeadHunter.
    July 30, 2010 , at the very beginning of the “weekend”, the owner and CEO of HeadHunter Yuri Virovets will talk in more detail about what the company expects from startups.

    Send your ideas right now to idea@glavstart.ru, submit them for discussion in the “Startup Ideas” section of Startuppoint.ru, our IdeaWall.ru collection site for ideas is about to open :)

    And now a little more about Glavstart ".

    At the BizSpark Camp conferenceArkady Moreynis told what “Glavstart” is. In general terms, it became clear that Glavstart helps some projects to be born, others to grow above themselves, others to sell, but there are still questions. To answer them, compare Glavstart with a modeling agency.
    A large modeling agency has a school of models, a casting department and its own hall with a podium. Glavstart works on the same principle.

    Startup institute
    Very young beauties-ideas come here, whom we are happy to help become real beauties. Here, teams of specialists gather around ideas. Ideas begin to work on themselves in order to turn into a chic project. At Startup Weekend, IT stylists, business trainers, and technology studs and API overhead specialists are in full swing. Here the idea can find its mentor mentor from the best minds of the Internet.
    Like any school, the Startup Institute has its own exams, passing which projects have a chance to get start-up investments.

    Startup search
    This is a kind of casting. We understand that many good projects are growing outside the walls of our Startup Institute. Therefore, we do not stop looking for interesting projects, look at them, make notes in the margins. By adding your projects to our database, we work in the interests of the entire market: having complete information, it is easier to find projects for specific customers in the common database who are increasingly turning to us for such a service.

    Startup Point
    This is the very podium. Here, projects and prototypes participate in shows, shine in front of the right people, acquire connections, and Startup Point itself introduces startups to customers. Projects come here for fame, money and a brilliant career in the market.

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