Overview of the GPS navigator NEC GPS 434B

    Car Navigator NEC GPS 434B

    Good day habralyudi. I am writing my first review of the first navigator, and perhaps it will seem to you from the category of “scoundrel”, but I’ll just try to mention all the pros and cons of this device. Also, I’ll immediately apologize for the pictures, I don’t have a device at the moment, so I can’t take a picture. Well, let's get started!

    How was it

    As a true geek, I am drawn to all sorts of interesting things, and navigators are no exception. It was decided to purchase a car navigator. But the reason is quite simple: the car can be used both in the car and in pedestrian mode, but the “regular” one is tourist in transport, when you are driving, to put it mildly - uncomfortable. After reading a bit of internet I went shopping. Asking all sorts of things from sellers, he stopped at an inexpensive NEC GPS 434B device . Once again asked if I can use this device without problems in pedestrian mode, without additional power. The seller replied that everything is ok, and he will work for about an hour and a half. Well, it still suited me wherever and wherever (considering the price - about $ 125)



    Dimensions LxHxW: 12 x 8.4 x 1.4 cm
    Display size: 10.5 cm
    Display resolution: 480 x 272
    Display type: color anti-glare QVGA TFT
    Battery Type: non-replaceable lithium-ion battery
    Battery Life:4 h

    Memory and cards, processor
    Base Card: Yes
    Uploaded maps: Ukraine
    Ability to install cards:Yes
    Memory card type: Flash ROM NAND flash (2GB), RAM 128 MB SDRAM
    CPU frequency: 500 MHz

    Functional Features
    MP3 player:Yes
    Headphone output: Yes

    equipment: AC charger, car charger (12V), USB cable, suction cup stand

    What you like

    First, I’ll probably tell you about the good, it’s a pity that it is so small.
    1. First is the price. Yes, indeed, $ 125 is not so expensive for such a device.
    2. Secondly is the display. This is my first device with a touch screen (also large enough! 480 x 272), so for a long time I could not get enough of it.
    3. The presence of bluetooth. It is vitally necessary, because the navigator in the car can be used as a mobile one. It is worth noting that it has a fairly good microphone and built-in speaker.
    4. Already installed GPS satellite navigation program. In this case, IGO. A bit outdated version, but with a card installed. By the way, it is updated without any problems.
    5. Fairly accurate navigation.
    6. If you torment the navigator a little, you can turn it into a smartphone with WIN CE5 installed
    7. From the installed games there is 1 funny.
    8. Ability to play video. If you convert to a suitable extension, you can watch movies without problems, which is good.
    9. Activesync is running. We connect via usb to the laptop and Google Earth shows our location

    What you do NOT like

    1. Battery life without recharging. The TX indicates:
      Battery Life: 4 h

      But the floor actually works! hours. I thought maybe I'm doing something wrong? I looked at the reviews ... Everyone has it. Pretty much annoying this alignment.
    2. Cold start. Too long, sometimes it takes 5 minutes to search for satellites.
    3. Bad player. In fact, he's kind of weird. Music may or may not play (and the same one). A problem with the Cyrillic encoding is also present.
    4. Freezing Sometimes it can freeze during overload. We have to reboot with the “magic button”, which is located in the “hole”, into which only the branded stylus will crawl (:
    5. Inoperability of a book reader. Strange too, the book seems to open, but the text does not appear on the screen. incomprehensible glitch.
    6. Mount on the windshield. When riding a Lada 6-ke 2 times fell off: / (possibly due to direct sunlight falling on the Velcro).
    7. I also don’t really like the menu design. It is not clear why, but it reminds me of a cheap Chinese toy. At the end of the review I will post a photo taken once on a mobile. Sorry for the quality
    8. There is also an FM radio, but I still couldn’t make it speak.

    About unlocking, or see the desktop WIN CE5

    • Everything is quite simple, and I think anyone would have guessed this before himself. But still I will show my method:
    • Go to the Bluetooth menu
    • Choose Explorer
    • We write instead of the URL file: //
    • We see the file system of the navigator. Go to Windows / Programs and launch the Windows Explorer shortcut
    • When you see the taskbar, you can select “Start” -> “My Device” and launch your applications recorded on the memory card.

    Personally, I installed two very convenient programs for myself - AlReader2 (for reading books) and SAS4WinCE - Satellite images on the navigator

    As promised 2 very low- quality photos:
    “Cheap” menu interface: Settings will be more attractive: I hope my post will help someone then when choosing a navigator.

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