I'll piss 2.0

    The project started on April 21 - a week before my birthday. The idea, as it may seem to some, was not spontaneous, but rather long delayed. Since the fall of last year, I wanted to make such a project, but I did not find any internal forces for programming. I even tried to push someone an idea, but the man did not do it. Therefore, hands, head and desire coincided only at the end of April 2010.

    At first glance, the nondescript request “free toilets” collects 15 thousand. appeals in Yandex. Therefore, it was worth working with him, if only for the sake of experiment. Secondly, some unclaimed highlight was felt in this thread, albeit with a brown tint.

    As an engine, development for Pakuru was taken . Voting cut and directory addedareas and cities. So the programming itself took about two hours. And as always, most of the time was spent on technical delays while the scripts and the database were uploaded to the server.

    As a primary, I asked several friends to fill out for my city. But they did not, however, one advised to take the McDonald's network as a basis. Which I did. He took the poppy site and stupidly re-copied a few dozen restaurants.

    However, in parallel with the filling process went promotion. There was a topic in the club. Then I threw the message in ICQ on my contact list (1000+ people). The next step is a blog and a serch forum. On heart, Kalinin caught on to the topic and threw on dirty.ru (the first throw there).

    Earlier, we managed to agree with a blogger and Bigdan for 50 bucks. And he made the announcement of the project a sponsor of one of his contests. These two events (dirti and ibigdan) predetermined the initial explosive growth of the project’s popularity. The brown highlight was liked by users, and they began to fill the project. At that time, every minute a new toilet appeared on the site. And the total attendance approached 2 thousand. per day. A little, but the topic, you see, is specific.

    In parallel, I made two letters without any hope. One is Artemia, and the second is to Fritz Morgen. Morgen answered me (“fit project”), and Artemy said nothing. Since the link did not follow, I forgot to think about these letters - but in vain.

    The second throw-in was already a month later: June 2. One of the grateful users again posted the announcement on dirt. And somehow, the project fell into the view of the viewing site web.rambler.ru. Here was a real breakthrough. The echo echoed well and boldly across the Runet.

    On June 27, the project was put on display at the First Alternative. It’s nice to be on TV, but really it brought in basically a lot of hits from the search by the name of the project, and in total it turned out about + 500-600 on the first day and about half as much on the second.

    And on June 29th I woke up famous. The project got into Lebedev's review and this gave only 8.5k clicks from his blog. And another half was the echo effect. In total, the link from Lebedev gave the project about 200-300 new varieties and brought the total number to 1200+.

    Having decided that that was all, I honestly and nobly scored on the project, ceasing to monitor it. And I missed the announcement from Fritz Morgen on July 14, if I am not mistaken. This increased total traffic by 1.5k that day.

    Some general results of incoming traffic:

    - Ibigdan - 0.5k
    - my blog - 0.5k
    - Lebedev - 8.8k
    - Fritz Morgen - 0.4k

    Social networks
    - Twitter - 0.5k
    - LJ communities - 0.5k
    - contact - 1k
    - LJ in total (with Lebedev and others) - 12.8k

    Social news
    - dirt - 4k
    - web.rambler.ru - 5.3k

    Search engines
    - Google (+ reader) - 2k
    - Yandex - 1k

    - bookmarks - 21k
    - others (xs that the lyre understands by this) - 3.5k

    In total, 44k unique visitors visited the service for 3 incomplete months. They looked at 150k pages, which is part of the standard interested user (the main one is the region - the city).

    The income from such a project is small, as you understand. About two dozen bucks in adsense. But not for his sake everything was done. It was just a very interesting experience. I know that so far you get links to the project from friends who have not yet seen the site. And it’s nice. By the way, most of all it delivers read comments on the project.

    Link to the project itself: obossus.ru .

    UPD I am sure that a considerable share of success is a well-chosen domain. So thank you for not falling asleep and not registering something neutral, but for taking the simplest and most ordinary word with which we denote our desire.

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