Robots will prepare space for humans


    Of course, not the whole cosmos, but a certain part of it. In other words, if this time everything “burns out” among scientists, and in the future their development will receive a ticket to life, space hotels, visiting Mars and other science fiction at the moment, it will become a reality. The German Aerospace Center has long been working on a project for robots that can build. By the way, this robot is a humanoid, like other space robots before it.

    I wonder if the humanoid form of the robot is most effective? Maybe something like an octopus with manipulators instead of suction cups will work faster, better, more efficiently? But - scientists know better what they are doing, they have already proved this more than once.

    The video at the bottom of this post shows us a robot named Justin, whom many call the most enjoyable and humanized robot of all. The robot, unfortunately (or fortunately) is not capable of doing anything on its own, an operator is needed for its operation, which controls the entire creative process of our humanoid.

    (yeah, the robot looks somehow more sympathetic)

    Yes, in general, here, part of the answer to the question “why do robots look like us” is one thing to control someone who looks like you, moving your own fingers and limbs, and quite another - control of some space octopus.

    But this is not about that. In general, Justin has stereoscopic vision and has highly sensitive mechanical “fingers” that truly faithfully repeat the actions of the operator.

    This robot, as mentioned above, is designed to create space bases that will circle around the Earth in different orbits. Justin and his colleagues will be able to deploy the base much faster than astronauts in spacesuits, which are terribly inconvenient to work in (or do you think it’s convenient? =))

    Ideally, the project looks like this - about a dozen robots are thrown out with a certain load and base module, and the team human operators on earth quickly begin to act, without experiencing such inconvenience as the same suit, weightlessness and so on. The difficulty is to get robots under zero gravity to repeat everything that human operators do, but this is a purely technical issue, the main thing is that the robot be sufficiently functional.

    Well, now let's see what our Justin is capable of.

    Here it is possible to find the source.

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