Easy sign-in with multiple Google accounts at once ... coming soon

    Thanks to unofficial news , it became known that in the bowels of Google began a test of the system of simultaneous authorization in Google services under several accounts at once. “Multi-login” is currently being tested only on the Gmail, Google Calendar, Google Reader, Google Docs, Google Sites and Google Code services, which, however, does not mean that other services will be left unattended, with the official launch of this function and the other equally popular services will connect to the system.


    Until now, the problem of authorization under several accounts has been solved thanks to the second browser, or the incognito mode in the Chrome browser.

    Entering this function will, however, have to face a limitation - when “multi-login” is enabled, offline work will be impossible.

    With the "multi-login" you can finally use several accounts simultaneously in separate tabs, without having to launch 5 different browsers.

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