Overview of the player Archos 3 Vision

    Hello! Now I will talk about this player, which was presented to the general public in the summer of 2009. Caution traffic. What is interesting about this technology sample? This compact player with 8 GB of memory has a 3 ”resistive touchscreen and built-in FM transmitter, because of which it was originally purchased. The bottom line is that I would like to listen to my music in the car. It’s too early to build in a computer, and even time not yet. Therefore, the least difficult option was chosen - to buy a player with an FM transmitter. Well, I wanted to get acquainted with the devices of this French company.

    What is in the box?

    And in the box is the player itself, 3 instructions in various languages ​​(who reads them?), A coupon for free downloading of a dozen tracks, a standard USB cable and “gorgeous” Chinese headphones (sound like from the best cans).
    The package bundle is not rich, the box is a piece of cardboard with printing. Let's move on to the player.


    From the player’s control buttons - the Enable slider <-> Lock and the oval touch button to go up a step when navigating. At the bottom of the player there is a Reset button - to use, which has not yet had to (pah-pah-pah). To communicate with a computer and charge the player uses the good old Mini-USB. Well, for listening to music the standard jack is 3.5.


    Main menu

    The menu is intuitive, very similar to symbia. The buttons at the bottom left to right are “Change wallpaper” (built into the firmware), “Turn on / off the transmitter” (convenient), “Settings”, “Turn off the player”. Picture on the left - the transmitter is off, on the right, respectively.


    Without explanation, and so it is clear, I’ll just point out some features (numbers - pictures from left to right):
    1. Menu for selecting songs. The highest point is to continue from the place where I finished listening. At the very bottom (in the picture did not hit) - the button to update the library.
    2. The player’s interface is a spectrum analyzer that can be replaced with the album cover, or with lyrics. The control buttons are too small when driving in a car it is not safe to flip through music.

    A photo

    There is a slideshow, of the settings only the switching speed. You can change images with a flick of the finger. The screen in the player is not bad, therefore the quality of both the pictures and the video is good (not excellent, namely good).


    In my opinion, it’s great that current technologies allow you to run video files without conversion on such small devices. Without problems, it calmly starts all DVD rips in SD resolution (xvid and dvix codecs). Of the minuses: with sharp changes in the image, a twitch is visible (IMHO, the screen is faulted because it does not have time to update) and the black color is noisy.

    Other functions

    1. Local file manager. Allows you to delete files and read txt files.
    2. Reader txt files. Through the menu, you can set, load and delete bookmarks. You can also change the font size small, medium (in the photo), large and its color is white, green, red.
    3. Radio, you can record from the air. There is a memory for 8 channels.
    4. Voice recorder works and is good. I still can’t force myself to dictate thoughts, although I have long wanted to start.
    5. Calendar - convenient, always a small calendar at hand. You can’t assign to events - it’s bad (but you can choose days, though nothing happens).
    6. Stopwatch. Nothing unusual.


    From the settings there is everything that can usually be changed - screen brightness, time until the screen turns off (you can dim the lights), downtime, and you can even see the firmware version and how much space is taken.
    Screen calibration is easy and no different from other calibrations of resistive screens.
    Transmitter settings allow you to quickly change the frequency.

    Those. characteristics (taken from the site):

    Memory: Flash memory: 8 GB
    Compatibility: Windows or Mac and Linux (with mass storage support)
    Interface: USB 2.0 high-speed
    Screen: 3-inch. color touch display - 400 × 240
    Operating time: 14 hours of music, 4 hours of video Video
    playback: MPEG 1/2/4, WMV (insecure files), FLV, AVI, RM, RMVB
    Music playback: MP3, WMA (insecure. files), WAV, OGG, FLAC
    View photos: JPEG, BMP, GIF
    FM radio: 87.5 - 108 MHz
    Record: Record using the built-in microphone or FM radio
    Other applications: Adjustable equalizer, multilingual interface, stopwatch, calendar
    Optional: Text support files (.TXT) and lyrics (.LRC)
    Dimensions, weight: 95 × 52 × 9 mm, 56 g
    Options: ARCHOS 3 vision player, USB cable (for charging and transferring files), headphones, user manual

    Some clarifications

    The screen is of a resistive type, before the first calibration I was upset - it was very difficult to control the player, after the control it was noticeably improved, although it remained a kind of “oak”.
    As they write in reviews in English, to completely discharge the batteries, just watch 90 minutes of video and listen to 7 hours of music. It feels like that.


    The first thing you feel when taking the player in your hands is that it is incredibly light, well-assembled, without backlashes. Incomprehensible case material delivers. Screen quality is up to par. The interface is clear, reminds symbian. The sound is good. The capabilities of the FM transmitter at altitude.


    The transmitter will not work properly without headphones, because they are an antenna. There are no volume keys. Some “oakiness” of the screen. The strange operation of the lock slider, the unlock does not always work, you have to do the operation 2 times. Small buttons in the player’s interface (it’s not safe to drive). There are some problems with music tags (not always seeing them)


    For 3,467 rubles (the average price on Yandex) you get a good product that fulfills this money 100%. Whether it's the desire to watch a new series on the way to work, or listen to music. And the pros outweigh the minuses (and they will subsequently be fixed with new firmware, since there is such a function).


    PS The video is not mine, unfortunately there is no normal camera.

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