3D API for Flash Player

    Adobe Systems, despite regular criticism of its Flash technology, continues to modernize and develop products based on it. The company does not stand aside from the universal passion for 3D in the world. And this fall, plans to introduce a new version of the plug-in for browsers Adobe Flash Player with full support for three-dimensional graphics.

    In recent years, the main task of Flash developers has been to make the technology in its current form acceptable to work on smartphones and other devices with limited computing resources, and new versions of Adobe Flash manage resources much more carefully than their predecessors. They even support some three-dimensional functions, but in a very limited way.

    Information about the upcoming "three-dimensionality" Flash, was published in the schedule of the conference for developers Adobe MAX, which will be held in late October in Los Angeles. The show is expected to be held as part of a session for Flash developers Flash Player 3D Future. The big name obviously means that Adobe sees the future of Flash as unthinkable without 3D technology.

    Unfortunately, they don’t reveal any details right now, fueling interest until the very last moment. Nevertheless, the developers promise an extensive program of the upcoming session, as the 3D-functionality will be quite rich. Adobe already offers tools for developing 3D presentations using Flash, but it is planned that this toolkit will be significantly expanded, as well as the capabilities of the plugin itself. The conference will discuss the time frame for developing new versions of Flash Player, and will also introduce the new Flash 3D API. The developers are promised a "deep immersion" in the possibilities of new technology at the conference.

    “If you plan to develop 3D games, augmented reality systems, or new interactive sites, then you simply must attend the upcoming conference,” an Adobe spokesman said.

    Obviously, the main consumers of three-dimensional Flash - the developers of browser games. And if developers can provide sufficient performance, for example, they will use the resources of graphic accelerators, then the industry of online games is waiting for a breakthrough.

    Perhaps this move on the part of Adobe Systems is due to the activity of competitors in the same field and with the emerging trend. Many leading developers are increasingly announcing new developments to one degree or another supporting 3D. For example, at the recent Computex trade show, Nvidia demonstrated 3D streaming video over the Internet using a Microsoft Silverlight-based player.
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