Potential Maemo5 update with Qt 4.7?

    So far this sounds pretty interesting and promising. But before describing, I want to note that Nokia often promised a lot, but not always (especially not always during) we received exactly what was promised. By the way, the article says:

    ““ potential ”means it might or might not happen and we have no clue if and when”
    “Potential (update) means this can happen, or maybe not, we have no idea if it will and if so, when ”(free translation)

    Work on the update itself is ongoing, but they, as described above, call it potential. As they say, there will be a lot of specific bug fixes, but there will also be new features, since maimo will switch to 4.7-fremantle (4.7 is about the version of the kitty, and fremantle is the code name maimo5). Since the N900 does not support multitouch, in Qt 4.6 they simply disabled QGesture by default, while in 4.7 they simply added gestures support for a single-touch screen, for example, press, and then press-and-hold (as I understood from the article both actions are considered as one, otherwise there is nothing new in this, since ordinary pressing and press-and-hold have been working separately for a long time). And as they promise, it makes the "friendly UI more friendly" (which they mean by =)). Also an innovation in Qt Mobility's Bearer Management (as it has already surfaced onTMO , the next update is just supposed to bring Qt Mobility to Maemo5), which, according to their description, makes it possible to disable the internal “connect automatically if offline” function through MaemoInternetConnectivity :: setAutoConnectEnabled (). And to top it off, many of the new features of Qt 4.7 will work on the N900, especially (as they emphasize) interesting - QtDeclarative ( here a couple of videos, and a description in English, what it is)

    Experimental Qt 4.7 packages can be found in extras-devel repositories. Scratchbox SDK users can install them by running fakeroot and running apt-get install libqt4-experimental-dev .
    All bugs are sent to bugreports.qt.nokia.com.

    Of course, I am waiting and happy about the updates, but more and more I like independent projects on the N900, for example, the android works better and better every day, support is added from the iron box (speakers, headphones, blue tooth, and much more). I also found KDE Mobile Plasma for the N900 for a long time , and tried to get in touch with the person who did it, but it apparently disappeared, and the other day I read the news about working on plasma for the N900 (there is a video on the link).

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