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Original author: Robert Miller
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Posted by Robert Miller, Skype Vice President of Legal Affairs

Yesterday, Fring announced on his blog that we blocked their access to Skype. I would like absolute clarity in this matter: this is not true.

The Fring application used Skype in a way that was not expected when creating the program and which violated the terms of use of the API and user license. We discussed with Fring this problem for some time, trying to solve it peacefully.

However, over time, the use of the Fring application of our software began to cause more and more damage to our brand and reputation in the eyes of our users. Fring withdraws Skype video call support on iOS4 on Fridaywithout warning, again damaging our brand and disappointing our users who are waiting for first-class work from Skype.

We support developers who want to create Skype-compatible products if this is done in accordance with our API licenses. At the same time, Skype intends to firmly protect its brand and its reputation, and developers who do not comply with our conditions may face legal consequences.

However, in this case, the Fring statement that their application was blocked by Skype is not true. Fring themselves decided to remove Skype compatibility from the application.

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