Gigabyte gsmart S1205. 2-sim communicator

    A lot of reviews and articles have already been written on phones with support for two SIM cards. And things are almost there.
    I know a lot of people who use two phones (office and personal). I myself am one and I know how many problems there are with two phones: you constantly forget, both need to be charged, switch between different interfaces and platforms. Yes, and you need to wear them somewhere. The radical decision is to leave only one phone, but for many, something prevents it from being done. For example, changing the main (personal) number, the more expensive corporate rate and the lack of Internet access to the office sim prevent me. In general, there are many reasons.
    So I asked myself the search for a suitable device.

    UPD They said that Boomburum already had a review of this phone. But, I think no one will be offended if he repeats himself and I will express my impressions of owning a sim communicator.

    1. Options with 2 sim adapters are marked right away. Such hacks will not benefit anyone.
    2. Option with Chinese 1000 in 1 marked immediately. The pleasure of owning even. The normal Chinese apparatus is dubious. What can we say about crafts from Chinese markets?
    3. I need a communicator, so fly and ski are marked right away. However, the fly is checked regardless of the OS.
    In general, the choice of devices available in offline stores is quite poor. Literally: LG, a couple of Samsung's and that's it. As an alternative, I still considered LG.

    On the Internet, it was possible to find rumors about our Rover with an android on board and support for 2 sim, which is in fact spilled by General Mobile. Many words, many reviews, but nowhere to buy neither one nor the other. Even at the office. site no.
    But by the will of fate threw me onto a site with a review of the Gigabyte S1205 communicator. All I need at a very modest price is 8990. The model turned out to be rare - there are no offline stores, you can only online. Here on this good site: I almost ordered a phone, but on the same day I found out that in my small town a person is selling almost a new one for 6000.
    So, actually a review.
    Outwardly, he stands out little from his fellow communicators. Mirror plastic on the front, matte on the back and matte silver strip on the ends.
    In general, the design is not bad and organic. But the quality of the case let us down: creaks hard.


    On the front panel, from top to bottom, from left to right:
    1. Indicator (missed calls, active radio modules, reminders),
    2. Speaker, he is also a speaker. It looks like a sieve,
    5. Three touch keys,
    6. Three mechanical keys.


    1. A hole for attaching a leash,
    2. A standard microUSB connector - how pleasant it is after Chinese connectors,
    3. A 3.5 mm headphone jack is a very important point for me,
    4. A microphone
    hole , 5. A stylus.


    1. Volume rocker
    From above
    1. On-off button . She turns off the backlight if necessary and wakes up the phone.

    On right:

    1.Socket for microSD-cards. Hot swap (which was missing in Sunno )
    2. Camera button.


    Camera 2. Logo


    1. Again the camera
    2. SIM card
    slots 3. SIM card
    4. Vibrator 5. 1320 mAh
    battery 6. Stylus

    The back cover is easy to remove and does not close until the lock is closed for sim. When you open this lock - the phone turns off, so there is no hot swap, as it might seem at first glance.
    If you look closely, it becomes noticeable that the entire rear part is abused by antennas. More precisely, there are three of them: a large one on top, a small one on the bottom and a little less on the left.
    The complete stylus is telescopic and quite comfortable.
    That's all with regard to appearance. Conservatively. Necessary and practical enough.

    What does its inclusion bring us?


    After the welcome screen saver, we are greeted by the standard (familiar to me from Sunno already) Windows Mobile 6.5 desktop.

    What always infuriated me in WM was the inability to change specifically the Today items. But this communicator has additional software that transforms it and makes it more convenient, removes some archaic WM elements.
    A choice of 4 themes:

    In addition to the appearance, when changing the theme, the behavior of the central button also changes. Basically, it brings up some kind of additional menu other than the WM start menu.

    Sample views:

    Windows interface is still very poorly adapted for work with fingers. He himself is often terrible

    I have not seen Windows Phone 7, but I hope it is fixed there. The pre-installed SPB Keyboard is changing for the better, alarms are much more convenient in SPB Time, if only because you can set your finger and set your own melody. There is some kind of problem with music in WM. To add them to the playlist or even put on the phone you need to solve this quest. Everything is very inconvenient.


    During the time of owning my first touch phone, I was already accustomed to the lack of a mechanical keyboard, so there were no special problems.
    Three touch keys at the bottom are not functional. The only useful one is the start menu. The purpose of the second key is still not clear to me - it has never worked anywhere, the third is setting up SIM cards (ringtones, services, requesting a PIN code). This is not something that I change every 3 hours, and it is available from the start menu. I do not see the advisability of moving it to the panel as a separate button, especially since it is often called erroneously due to my thick fingers.
    Mechanical buttons have a standard value except for the central one, which was mentioned above. For me personally, it is just as useless.
    The camera key is single-position and, when pressed, immediately takes a frame.
    The on / off key performs its functions. When you click on it in the standby state, the display goes blank and most of the vital processes are suspended (the book does not open, the site does not change, the topic does not change). That is, the device goes into sleep mode.
    And a pleasant moment for me - the behavior of the volume rockers depends on the open application. On the desktop, it adjusts the volume. In the menu or contact list, it allows you to navigate between items, and in Word, for example, it allows you to scroll through pages (without this it is damn inconvenient - you have to get to the scrollbar on the right).


    3.2 "240 * 400. By modern standards, this is already not enough. But it’s quite normal for the eye - the whole text is readable and I haven’t encountered any problems yet. It glares, but you can still make out something in the sun. It’s quite bright, and where smoothed fonts are used it’s generally pleasant.


    From the external speaker, a completely clear sound comes. In my opinion, it’s a little quiet due to the combination with the speaker, but in general it is possible to endure. The headphones in the kit, of course, are none and at the same time I got a little rattling. Through good headphones, the sound is quite acceptable.


    For me, there are two states of it: is in the phone - not in the phone. Here it is and, it seems, works better than in Sunno.


    Quite a decent camera. If you need to take something urgently, but there is no normal at hand, it will do.


    There was no pre-installed navigation software. I tried to install Navitel, GIS Russ and DublGis (local software, common in Siberia). DoubleGis and Navitel earned after 10 minutes of searching for a satellite. GIS Russa for some reason could not find anything. In general, I am satisfied with the GPS work: I almost do not lose satellites, I do not put much battery on the battery. But Navitel freezes when it enters sleep mode. Sometimes after some time of use, the map disappears from the screen and does not appear until Navitel reboots.

    Well, for dessert - cookie 2 sim.
    I have already had a telephone for about two weeks. So far, no problems with simultaneous operation have happened.
    When an incoming call is displayed, which call arrives (card1, card2. The default card is card1 - the one in the upper slot).
    To make an outgoing call, you must either move the volume rocker to the desired contact and press one of the green buttons (when pressed, the mechanical call will automatically be made through card1) or enter the contact by clicking on it and select “Call from SIM1” or “Call in the menu item with SIM2. "

    Similarly with SMS.
    It’s not possible to fix a specific number for a specific SIM, which is damn inconvenient, because you often forget and click on a mechanical “call” and go through the wrong card.


    On average, it lasts me for 3-4 days. I use it actively: read <> Road <>, read the Internet, listen to music, sometimes GPS and about 20 minutes of calls. This is one of the longest running batteries.
    It can be charged both from an external power supply, which is the essence of the designer: it is assembled separately from a cable, block and plug - and from USB.


    Processor MediaTek MT6516 416 MHz;
    RAM - 128 MB, internal - 256 MB;
    Operating system Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional + skins;
    TFT display, diagonal 3.2 inches, resolution 240x400 pixels, touch, resistive;
    Communication modules Wi-Fi IEEE802.11b / g, Bluetooth 2.0;
    Two GSM 850/800/1800/1900 MHz communication modules, GPRS / EDGE;
    Two SIM card slots;
    3 megapixel camera;
    FM radio
    MicroSDHC memory card slot;
    Dimensions 110.6 x 55 x 13.1 mm;
    Weight 115 g;
    Battery capacity 1320 mAh.

    I'm personally damn happy with the phone. For such a machine and Android ...

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