Leaving Ukraine - Peter Piglet Part

    A couple of weeks ago, I finally came to the conclusion that Ukraine has no future. At least for me. This decision was ripening for a long time - all the same, our unfortunate country has a strange attractiveness, but the last attempt was probably made by the efforts of the new government to leave the Ukrainian IT field on beans. I formulated my opinion ( http://e-mir.livejournal.com/1766857.html ), but the question remained - what should I do?

    On a personal level, everything is quite clear - read immigration laws, look for opportunities, improve a foreign language. But some thought came to my mind about what I can do, as it does not sound pathetic - for the country from which I am going to leave.

    So was born (two days ago in total) the projection PartyPositivePessimistor -http://papope.com/ , she, as it turned out in the comments, is the Piglet Peter's Party.

    What is his main idea:

    I want to start collecting and publishing stories about making decisions about leaving. I am sure that the authorities will not suddenly “wake up” or “change their minds” - these categories are absolutely fantastic. But on the other hand - if enough of our farewell stories gather, they turn into an independent value - this will be a document summarizing what is happening in our unfortunate country. Perhaps this sounds too optimistic - but I believe that the existence of such a document will have an impact on how people perceive themselves and the situation in the country.

    The project is still wildly raw - alas, I'm not a pro in site building. While he can only collect stories, in the coming days I plan to start publishing them and statistics. I will be glad to advice, idea, and in general - recall.

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