Thermal capsule Croise - conveniently, compactly and quickly measure the temperature of living and non-living objects

The company, which may be familiar to many from the IFA tracker review - Croise.E - with the ability to measure temperature, put one of the functions of the bracelet into a separate gadget: the Croise.A compact thermometer , which I would like to share with you briefly.

The South Korean manufacturer is currently working on three main devices: a bracelet with a heart rate monitor that looks like a competitor to Fitbit, Croise.E , sports wireless headphones marked in the .R line and a thermometer.

The gadget is released in the "medical style" and resembles a capsule, which is not only cool to some extent, but also practical, as it is quite protected in this form. Under the green cover is Jack, with which the thermometer connects to the smartphone.

It works in tandem with applications for iOS and Android , although the latter is still unstable, but the readings merged into the Iphone look quite plausible.

Three measurements: from the forehead, under the arm:

And after a minute a five-minute measurement on mercury:

The application itself is very simple and understandable. There is a settings window and two menu pages, the first of which is body temperature.

The second page allows you to measure the temperature of the environment and inanimate objects and materials, including plastic, metal, glass, etc. Here, for example, a glass in the kitchen, a window and a vase on the window:

To begin the measurements, you need to make three simple steps: start the software, open the “eye”, plug the thermometer into the headphone jack.

The measurement is lightning fast! And this is useful in itself. You just bring the thermometer to the body, press “froze” and after a second you get the data. But it can attract parents of young children who know how sometimes it is difficult to measure the temperature with an ordinary mercury thermometer for several reasons. In the meantime, we continue the tests, you can read more about the Croise.A thermometer on the Medgadgets website. Cost - 2 590 rubles.

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