Which startup would an investor be interested in?

    Finam held a conference " Internet startups: survive and succeed ", at which (among other things) they talked about what a startup should be in order to interest an investor.
    Since the answers to the questions turned out to be very lengthy, further - a summary of the stated principles of an interesting startup.

    What may interest the investor:

    - involvement in fashion trends now: eCommerce, Mobile, Media, Social Networking, Cloud, SaaS, search, advertising technologies, content providers, games and Location Based Services.
    - a product already on the market;
    - the experience of the startup team;
    - availability of patents.

    What can push an investor:

    - the regional nature of the project, as this initially limits the opportunities for profit;
    - a large number of founders - there is a possibility of a mess in the areas of responsibility and difficulties in coordinating various issues (the situation is “swan, cancer and pike”).

    As a plus or minus may be the lack of analogues of the idea. On the one hand, if there are no analogues, then there are no competitors. On the other hand, most likely, very long-term investments will be required and it will take a long time to wait for the return.

    In general, they said that there are more investors than good projects, so the competition is not so much for the start-ups as investors for the project that can shoot.

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