About the “forgetfulness” of web services

    Almost every service that has user registration, at the entrance makes it possible to remember the user. This is implemented through cookies, for the user - only a modest checkmark "remember me" in the form of authorization and / or registration. A simple technology designed to simplify the work of users with the service , convenient and already familiar.

    But how annoying when suddenly the service at some point "forget me" - simply fit the end of the period for whichCookies were set from the moment the user ticked and entered . The user has the problem of remembering and entering the password (of course, we are talking about the disabled password manager in the browser ), and at the same time , the question of motivation to continue using this web service arises .

    There are two simple solutions:
    • Set cookies with a very long lifetime - for years to come. The solution is almost universal, but for cases when you need to artificially “cut off” a passive audience is not very suitable.
    • Install an additional cookie in which to save installation time , during operation, check how close the end of the life time is, and, if necessary, update cookies. Plus, this gives additional opportunities, because the installation time becomes known, in each case, you can think about how it can be used.
    Both methods are simple, obvious and fix the problem - I hope to see the implementation more often.

    PS: Another forum, which once again “forgot” me today, helped me write this article . Forum lost me as a user forever today, and it seemed to me , that the problem is chronic , and quite global.

    PPS: It's not about the tragic break in my love for the forum (this is just an example of the problem that served as the muse), but about simpletechnological solutions that increase usability, helping to maintain the services of its users. And one of them - give more and some additional opportunity.

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