C #: Etudes by Eric Lippert

    Perhaps you like puzzles and C #, and maybe you even solved some of them in my blog here on Habré.

    Now you have the opportunity to try your hand at solving puzzles of a higher level.

    If you have not heard of a guy named Eric Lippert, I highly recommend reading his blog . Eric is one of the developers of the C # compiler and often writes about various unusual and strange things in the work of the compiler and the .NET runtime, and most importantly, explains the reasons for this behavior. He writes so interesting and fascinating that his blog even has a translation into Russian .

    In his July 8th record, Eric provides a link to the videoin which he and Neal Gafter (who is also one of the developers of the .NET platform) examine several puzzles in C #. So far I managed to see only three of them, but I already like their level. (Attention: each puzzle is answered, if you want to think for yourself, do not forget to click on the pause) I

    recommend to everyone who wants to expand their knowledge in C # /. NET.

    UPD: since there are certain problems with the video display, you can download the video directly. To do this, go here , enter puzzlers in the search bar and select Download

    UPD2 on the right : problems with playing videos on the source site are more likely a rule than an exception, so I uploaded the file to the file hosting service: depositfiles.com/files/7ej8pu7zt

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