Great Belarusian firewall

    In Belarus, create a "black list" of sites. The authors of the project believe that the new rules should protect users from extremism , pornography , violence , etc.

    The "black list" is formed at the suggestion of authorized state bodies. A legal entity, individual entrepreneurs, and ordinary citizens can help compile the list, who must send their proposals to block sites to government agencies.

    It is planned to make two access lists. The first will be publicly available, the second will be closed. The first will include Internet resources registered in the national segment of the Internet (currently empty), and in the second - the remaining unwanted Internet resources. To obtain a closed list, providers are invited to do the following:
    1) Issue a LETTER to the RUE “BelGIE”
    2) To the authorized person of the Internet service provider ARRIVE in the RUE “BelGIE” (1, Kharkivskaya St. 1, room 3) with the registration form Letters and certified by a license to carry out activities in the field of communications
    will receive a login and password for access to the list of restricted access through the site of RUE "BelGIE"

    Formally, the new law applies only to:
    state bodies and organizations, as well as educational institutions, the cult ry - without fail;
    other users of Internet services - upon request.
    The decision on a general ban rests with the provider. But having on hand a list of "banned" sites and complete dependence on the state, it will be difficult to resist.

    ps You especially enjoy viewing the website of the organizing body, the State Telecommunication Inspectorate . And these people are going to control the Internet.


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