Is universal informatization a blessing?

    With bated breath he watched the computer age come to my native Belarus. Let slip, with a creak, with a delay of years for ... eleven, but still, this is happening a little. And I, as a progressive person, cannot but rejoice. Nevertheless, let's look at the positive and negative aspects of progress.

    On the plus side, progress is underway. This is noticeable to the naked eye. Today I can pay for the Internet from the Internet, for an apartment, gas, electricity - I can approximately 60% of what a Belgian ten years ago could do. It's great!

    For legal entities - in general, everything is rosy! You don’t need to run to the bank every day with payments, to bring tax returns, and registration cards to Social Security. Let us now turn to the inside of progress, so to speak, plunge into the abyss of technology.

    For some reason, half-heartedness often raises questions. For instance. You digitally sign “a pack of documents” - and ... That's right. You carry the signed pack on a floppy disk to the supervisory authority. Why not do it differently? Perhaps this is due to the inertness of the body itself or its regional unit. But even for carrying not a floppy disk, but a USB flash drive - I had to pretty much fight.

    But still, the biggest scourge is the terrifying curvature of many software products. Let my words not offend anyone, but many of the developments are more like a course project of a sophomore student, and done on the “three”. Perhaps this is due to the long process of all kinds of approvals and statements, and as a result we get a morally obsolete product. I was pleased with the recent call to one of the "bodies" of the following content:

    - Hello, good afternoon, we updated your software, it does not want to work ... In the date field, you can’t enter the correct value in any way ...
    - Ah, well this is a glitch. Reinstall or open-close a couple of times.

    So, easily and naturally. What are the fixes? What patches? What for? Open-close ... Speaking of technical support. She is simply not there. Of course, after an hour of calling on different phones, you may be able to achieve something, but there is no system as a whole.

    I do not believe that programmers cannot write a program that can simply be used, and not fight with it. Programmers in Belarus are very strong and have proven it many times. It is only necessary to adjust the system here and there. IMHO it is very wrong when the system administrator writes a program, and then it is "lowered from above" to all branches and given to users. Of course, it's cheaper. But you can give this work to third-party developers. Everything will be better. And then solve the issue with technical support - and we will be happy.

    Thanks for attention.

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