Habrafootball this Sunday: third meeting

    Hello! For those who have already been on a hub-football , or have not yet been, but really want to go, good news: we play again this Sunday, at 13 o’clock in the afternoon.

    In the same place as usual - not far from Akademicheskaya metro station (can be reached by minibus number 29). Despite the discussed opportunity to play on Saturday, the weather again made its adjustments - on Sunday, at least, it will be clear .

    The game will be broadcast online again at reallook.tv. We took into account the experience of the previous broadcast, and this time a) we will shoot from a tripod, b) the recording will be available online after the game. Comments on the game our new star berq22 .

    UPDImportant: leave comments or send your emails in PM so that I can send you invitations.

    And two important organizational points:

    firstly, we always need balls, so if you have the opportunity to take one with you, then bring it, please;

    secondly, we can organize the recording of the match not from one, but from two points at the same time, but for this we are missing another laptop as a base for the second camera. Therefore, if you have a netbook (you can preinstall Yota) or a laptop that you are ready to bring with you - bring it, just warn about it in advance - in comments or through private messages.

    As always, you can invite friends and beautiful girls. Twitter Information Supportalso welcome. See you on the field!

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