Gravity Dynamo

    imageJohn Swain, an employee at Boston University, derived a series of equations for the gravitational field from General Relativity (GTR), which ascribes to the gravitational field the properties of electromagnetic.

    In particular, according to these equations, it is possible to build a “gravitational dynamo machine”. By analogy with an electromagnetic field, by driving massive particles in a closed circuit around a core of a certain material (by the way, scientists have yet to determine this material), we can obtain a new field that generates gravity. If the experiment is successful, which can be tested at the Large Hadron Collider, humanity will learn to literally get the mass out of "nothing." At the moment, the theory of gravity does not provide for the existence of a “paired” gravitational field, as is the case in electromagnetism.

    In recent decades, scientists have been struggling with the issue of creating the so-called “Theory of Everything”, combining gravitational, electromagnetic and nuclear interactions. At the moment, a significant drawback of all available theories is the lack of explanation for the phenomenon of "quantum gravity." Since the gravitational field is very weak, but at the same time very specific, its behavior on the microscale cannot be described by conventional theories applicable in the macrocosm.

    If scientists confirm this phenomenon, then this will be perhaps the biggest discovery in the framework of fundamental physics in recent decades.

    A preprint of the work can be seen on here

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