Attacked by the App Store: Many iTunes Accounts Hacked

    Some mysterious app developer for the App Store hacked iTunes user accounts and bought their own applications on their behalf, and so successfully that they brought them to the top. Imagine, 40 of the 50 applications of the American top from the category of books were added by the same developer - Thuat Nguyen. This was noticed by two third-party developers. And what is most surprising is not the result of fraud with the App Store itself, but a consequence of the actual number of purchases of these applications. But, from hacked accounts.


    In a word, twitter greatly stirred up such events, especially since some users of the ill-fated accounts talk about amounts up to $ 200, which turned out to be debited from their accounts as payment for applications that they were not going to buy. Recent reports already speak of a case where more than $ 600 was spent.


    On the other hand, the hero-developer leaves very original comments on his own applications, in order to dilute negative reviews:


    This situation prevailed in the App Store in the book section as of July 4th: The


    link to the support and to the company's website lead to one and same page Also, Google cannot clearly answer who this Thuat Nguyen is or what company it represents.

    So, one developer dominates the section, the rest are undeservedly put into the shade, users are robbed - all this does not affect Apple's reputation in the best way. Apparently, the company has many more explanations.

    What kind of images could top applications (manga of dubious quality) reach? It’s not clear from whom (since the link to the site is fake), with a missing description? This is despite the fact that applications pass confirmation within a few weeks and can be rejected at the slightest oversight. But what is even more challenging is how the user accounts were hacked, and the users themselves were robbed.

    What should be done.

    Check your purchases, remove the bank card from iTunes and change the password.

    Some additions on the topic that have appeared over time:

    - As it became known, applications were bought not only from one Thuat Nguyen. This causes even greater concern.
    - If earlier messages were sent only from American users, now the British are signaling hacking of their accounts.
    - Affected users are preparing class action suits.
    - At this point, the books are deleted, but the turmoil continues.

    Here are some facts and related news.


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