Mass mutation or how Google is blown away

    Google is one of the greatest companies that has turned the world upside down, which continues to delight us with its technologies and services. They promote the culture to the masses and do not ask for money at the box office. This search, and API, and mail, and documents, and tools for developing applications. All that the soul desires.
    I have been using the services of this company for a long time and was pleased ... until a certain point.

    The first sign of my indignation was the incomprehensible blocking of advertising platforms, but the problem was resolved after a short correspondence with the "bot".

    The second fly in the ointment was incidents of data user withdrawal, massive account hacks, but I continued to believe, naive that Google would defeat everyone.

    Today, another problem has arisen that made me think; But is everything so good and cloudless in the Danish Kingdom?

    Not so long ago I entrusted my mail domain to my favorite company. Everything went well, but a terrible thing happened - one of the technical accounts was blocked due to a violation of some rules (This account was suspended due to a violation of the rules).
    I re-read the rules every ten times, and still did not understand which rules were violated. Technical account, collects logs from servers and sends notifications from sites to a neighboring account in the same domain. Well, sometimes it sends notifications from the site to customers (questions / answers / notifications / order data through the store).
    Mail, for me, is a rather critical service, and such situations cause a lot of problems, especially when such problems happen in the most inappropriate place and even secretly.

    Support ignores questions. The only thread on this topic, created back in March 2010 by other users, is still unanswered. It is impossible to ask a question in other ways, unanswered to questions sent to electric mail.

    Some kind of massive mutation is happening on the Internet: yesterday's good companies today are turning into something that provides a service, but does not care at all about those who use these services.
    Well, you want money - why provide a service for free and scream and beat yourself in the chest, what kind of free software are we and affordable services? Who needs services without the ability to solve problems that will happen sooner or later?

    Either Microsoft with its changes in licensing, then mobile operators with their "unobtrusive services", then Apple with their iPhone 4, and now Google.

    If only the notification was sent to the domain administrator, they say, so and so, the account is blocked for this and that. no, after all - quietly nailed account.

    In general, I am upset to the depths of my soul and disappointed. What to do with the account - I do not know. Either continue the battle correspondence, or reanimate your own mail server and not worry anymore about this ...

    It may have messed up, but such tricks do not please me. Be vigilant. Check your accounts on gmail, if you don’t receive mail not because Google has super anti-spam or nobody writes to you, but because your account is blocked.

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