12 ways to do good on Twitter


    It’s been already half a year since I started Twitter , and I’m not regretting it for a second! I am sorry for the time spent on the "live journal". Twitter is different, I'm here 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, and I like it. I got on Twitter by accident and did not think that I would linger for a long time. I wanted to understand how it is possible to put thoughts into 140 characters? And now, after 3000 tweets, I can say that I fundamentally did not understand the meaning of this wonderful service that makes millions of people happy :)

    At the very beginning, I was perplexed - what are all these "crazy" people doing here, and who are they? Now I can say that many of them have become my friends, and I am grateful to Twitter for this. But, despite the fact that I still have a lot to tell, today I want to tell you about 12 ways to do good on Twitter. So, let's begin.

    0. Retweet

    The first and perhaps easiest way to do good on Twitter is Retweet. Retweet is also how to say, “I like what you said, I want my readers to know about it!” The uniqueness of the retweet is that no matter how many times it is done, you can always see who the author of the message is. And very often this leads to the fact that people begin to "follow" the source of information, that is, read the author of the retreated message.

    1. Replies (mentions)

    It would seem that such a common thing on Twitter is the answer to someone’s message. Some may even be offended if you leave them unattended. But so far you have several hundred readers. But if there are tens of thousands? Here, a simple procedure of “answers” ​​can turn into a real work with a 24-hour working day in order to have time to answer everyone. And here, even for those who have a lot of free time, the fact of a “response” to your e-mail is a true manifestation of kindness and attention, all the same as a rule of good taste. A good example for the rest, when a celebrity does not hide behind the lack of free time and finds the opportunity to pay attention to the simplest reader. Thousands of people come to twitter for this magical reason.

    2. Sheets

    The recent innovation, “Lists”, has become a cool new Twitter feature. Sheets have become an excellent tool for evaluating yours real popularity. But not only for this. Sometimes it’s useful to look at the names of the sheet you’ve been added to. If you weren’t just added as a friend, but also noted in the sheet, this indicates how important your opinion and the information that you share. A well-composed thematic sheet can replace the news agency’s news feed on a given topic. Adding to the “sheet” is a double manifestation good tweet.

    4. Submission

    A fairly rare manifestation of goodness on Twitter is the presentation of someone to their readers. Sometimes this can give an amazing effect. We do not receive money and do not derive any profit, but by representing someone we really do a good deed.

    5. Development

    More and more people are coming to twitter every day. And regardless of your experience, how many times you have explained and helped your friends get started on Twitter, you may have to do it again and again. And you will truly do a good deed, if you help, again and again. Help them using their experience, not stereotyped, realizing that everyone is looking for something different. Take the time to make the person more confident and get answers to all questions. Believe me, this kindness will return to you tenfold. The care and attention to your readers once again indicates that you are a truly worthwhile person and a true source of inspiration and development. Just start helping, find where your help might come in handy.

    6. Reciprocity

    Most, for some reason, take mutual friendships on Twitter for granted. They even demand that they be answered, they are read and retweeted. But reciprocity is a kind of kindness that Twitter has. You can show how important a person is to you or what he does, simply by reciprocating him. Especially if you have more than tens of thousands of readers. Here you will be helped by numerous programs that will help you keep track of the various categories of your readers. Many say that reading a large tape is impossible. This is true. Create various character sheets, read them. Reciprocity is what makes twitter truly good.

    7. Automatic messages

    That's the scourge of Twitter. Well, really, which of us did not receive these stupid messages in your personal mailbox? How terribly could a person whom you just added as a friend thank you than send you an automatic message - “Thank you, blah blah blah”? The worst thing is that not only bots, but real people do this, thinking that they will win at this time. Friends, if you want to establish yourself on Twitter on the good side, stop sending auto messages! Instead, I suggest spending time and writing a truly personal message to your new reader. If you understand that you simply do not have time to unsubscribe private messages to all new friends, it is better to stop doing this than to use the newsletter. In return, you can thank them in a public message. This will show that you noticed them and are grateful for

    8. FollowFriday

    Perhaps this is the kindest idea of ​​Twitter, although the most discussed. FollowFriday, or Friday Tracking, has become a real hit on Twitter. Many people use this day to promote their friends or to share an interesting source of information. But, over time, this good idea has largely turned into spam. It is only necessary to put the hashtag #FollowFriday or #FF in the series of names, as your message begins to require attention. This is simply annoying for many, but it suits many. In any case, telling people why they should read the person you represent is more kind than simply listing nicknames.

    9. Persistence

    Probably the most difficult thing is to constantly stay in touch with people and really show interest in them. To return the time that they spend on you, being your readers. There are many people who constantly monitor others, reading you every day, everything that you write, so you do not even suspect about it. Of course, we can understand who follows us, but we hardly know who is waiting for each of our tweets. But rest assured, there are many grateful followers who read you but never say anything. Try to reach out to them and make them part of your community. Involve them in what is happening with you and with you. The true manifestation of kindness on Twitter is constant communication with people and preventing old friends from falling into the shadow of new followers. No matter how many you add every day,

    10. RTday

    It will not be very modest, but I will also tell about my contribution to the tradition of good on Twitter. When I was just starting to use this service, I noticed that it is something very different from everything that I knew before. I quickly realized that twitter is a good service. He is so created. Other circumstances may play a role, but it is. I rarely see rudeness or evil on Twitter.
    And I wanted to contribute to this kindness. I really like the opportunity with one click to share with friends an interesting message that runs in my stream. And I thought that it would be a good tradition to set the tone, set an example, mark such a day, I called it RT subbotnik. Although many have their own associations with this word, but I tried to offer people that day (every Saturday) to spend a little more time on retweets than usual, it is possible to delve into your stream and find those whom you have not yet quoted. That would be a really good tradition. By adding the hashtag #RTday, you are doing one more good deed - helping to create traditions.

    11. Smile

    And the last thing I would like to share with you. You have often met on Twitter a wish for a good morning or a day. Many convey or try to convey their emotions. Modern communication in social networks has given an amazing variety of characters that convey our emotions. And the most important of them, for many years now, remains a smiley face. Smile more often to your followers, be a kind and cheerful evangelist :)

    And finally, another suggestion.

    You can start doing good right now. Of course, you won’t be able to participate in FollowFriday or #RTday right now (just because it's Sunday). But, you can tell people about this article.

    After all, the most important thing on Twitter is to help people do good themselves. Therefore, if you tell your followers about this article, then there will be more goodness on Twitter. (Right below this topic there is a button “Send to twitter.” Or you can come to me ( @Neznashka ) and retweet a message from there. It’s more convenient for you.)

    PS Thanks to my friends @Kuuuzya @ekozlov @korobkov @mashadrokova for help in processing and proofreading text, as well as for clever thoughts, without which I would not have been able to cope.

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