Yandex gave me a notebook. And a pen.

    I have notebooks from many companies: Google, IBM, Sun, HP, etc.
    So what surprised me so much that I decided to write about it on a hub?

    Next comes the blatant, undisguised advertisement of a Yandex notepad with photos. :-)

    Warning: this is a notepad in a triangle!

    When the first emotions passed, I began to think: “Well, okay, a notebook in a triangle. It's funny But where to apply it? ”
    And five minutes later it dawned on me!

    But this is a notepad for brainstorming!

    I often use memory diagrams or thoughtgrams or whatever, I'm not sure exactly how to translate the “mind map” into Russian. But, I often draw such lines and the layout of the notebook with angles of 120 ° is ideal for this.

    Here, admire, something like this:

    So Yandex.bloknot will take pride of place among my tools.

    Special thanks and greetings I want to convey to someone who is engaged in a souvenir in Yandex. If you do not just originalize, but do something really useful, then the effect is much greater! (And really useful souvenirs can be very inexpensive)

    In gratitude I give the idea: at the gatherings of webmasters you can give notebooks for prototyping interfaces for webmasters.

    Thanks to friend Yandex for my lucky notebook!

    Yes ... I forgot this phenomenon. Positive plus article, and dissatisfied is not too lazy to go in profile minus already karma.
    I apologize to everyone whose clerical beliefs I have touched.
    Dear friends, I invite everyone to comment, there are useful ones, for example this one .
    Thanks everyone!

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