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    Tilt me ​​and roll me
    Does anyone remember their first impressions of a device (smartphone, laptop) in which there was a toy, where it was necessary to tilt the device?

    And there a ball rolled (lo and behold!), Which had to be rolled through meters of labyrinths into the correct hole.

    Once, more than 5 years ago, I was so impressed with such a technical solution that since then, such games on these devices have been my favorite games.

    Two smart peppers, Jan Bernstein and Adam Wilson, have organized a startup that works with home appliance manufacturers to make smart-phone devices step onto consumer shelves. The GearBox project is an open extensible hardware platform with its own API. Works for HTC / Android / Apple devices.

    As a child, I rolled a ping-pong ball on a racket. Our children roll balls already in smartphones. Our grandchildren will roll balls on a racket, controlling a smartphone.



    Work on a prototype device that will be controlled by a mobile phone began in late 2009. After seven months of work (at the end of June of this year), the first cool thing ripened.

    The thing was a round mechanoid. In the guts there were 6 motors, a bunch of I / O, and all this “taxied” through the bluetooth.


    How this business is rolling, you can look below.

    And they also have demos.


    On the blog, the guys write what games you can play with this device.
    For example, Sumo. You put two balls on the table and someone will push someone.
    And the new version of the ball (which is on the video) can do “Ambient Data”.
    Those. blinks in different colors while charging, if you receive a message or mail on smart.

    AND MOST IMPORTANT Your woman will be pleased. Waiting for sale.

    PS. You can follow the startup and the news on the website of the guys .

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