5 million arbitration cases now on iPad


    Following the arbitration file cabinet for the iPhone, we launched the file cabinet for the iPad . And in this case, this is already a full-fledged tool for a practicing lawyer who wants to have access to all his affairs using the iPad. To use the card file you need to be registered in the legal system "Pravo.ru" .

    You can download the application absolutely free here.

    The project is implemented by Pravo.ru developers .
    When creating, not a single ruble of honest taxpayers was damaged :)

    check in


    In order to start using the system on the iPad, you need to register. If you already have an account in ATP "Pravo.ru" or registered in the system for an iPhone, just use it.

    After a simple registration procedure, the contents of the system will become available to you. On the main screen you can see the number of cases available for viewing and a search card for entering known search parameters. The last 5 search cards are automatically stored in the file cabinet so that the user can return to them at any time. In this case, indicating the name of the court or judge, the system will automatically suggest you choose from the list.

    searching results


     In the search results you get a list of all cases sorted by the date of the last change. In addition, you have the opportunity to filter the list by category of dispute:
    • economic disputes arising from civil relations
    • economic disputes arising from administrative legal relations
    • insolvency (bankruptcy) cases

    To go to a specific case, just click on the line from the table. When viewing a case card in a vertical format, you can always select another case by simply selecting it from the drop-down list.

    View cards and legal acts


    Litigation is an important source of legal information. For each review, you can view the text of any available document. It should be noted that viewing a document on the iPad screen is really more convenient than its paper counterparts.

    In the following versions:

    • Saving a case and document to favorites
    • Push notification of changes in the case
    • Email Case

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