My way from jackets to bathrobes


    This is a piece of my corkboard that hangs in the workplace. Business cards left over from previous activities. Business cards say: Ilya Alexandrov, director of the Pixel Design Laboratory. I think that on Habré there are quite a lot of people who are associated with the creation of sites: designers, programmers, managers. Someone is now creating his own studio. I decided to leave site building more patient. (This decision concerns me personally, not the studio. The latter continues to work successfully)

    Web-studio operates in the B2B sector (business-to-business), which leaves a strong imprint on the specifics of the work. I think you should not dwell on the problems facing developers, you all know them perfectly. I could not reconcile myself to the fact that the competently completed work of a team that knew their job could overnight cut off the self-propelled deputy director of Plant N and not even explain the reasons.

    With a little thought, I turned my eyes to the B2C (business-to-consumer) sector. Having experience in setting up projects, I did not hope that it would be easier, but it was interesting for me to try. The main hope was that a large mass of people (consumers) are more objective and the system itself is more transparent: if your product / idea / service is good and in demand, they are bought (not without promotion, of course). No - think further.

    In the new project, I had the opportunity to apply the knowledge that I received during the development of the web studio. Make them work on their project. This is a very important motivating factor. By this time, I had already tried my hand at the modest Sumkins project , which I did for my wife. And I realized: working with the consumer is real and even pleasant.

    Now, with my always-on partner Soratnik , we needed an idea for a project. All sorts of “lists / ratings / blogs / social networks” projects were swept away right away, it was worth taking a look at the lists of recent startups. Formed requirements for the project:
    • B2C
    • transparent monetization
    • at least minimal novelty
    • interest for ourselves
    • online sales
    • scope for expansion
    • niche unemployment

    And then the case provided us with a young mother. A friend asked me to help make a small video clip (video card) with her five-year-old son. Here it is!
    Of course, we knew about the existence of services that substitute a person’s photo in the video. But they decided to dig a little deeper and aim at a full-fledged cartoon, the main character of which will be a real child. The cartoon is in the best traditions to bring the good and the good.

    So “TvoyMult” appeared. They

    immediately decided that taking existing cartoons and substituting a photograph is not our option (there are such examples on the network). The cartoon was created by ourselves. Gathering a team of contacts developed over the years of work in the studio. For me it was a very interesting and difficult job - to direct a full-fledged cartoon (albeit a short one).
    In parallel with the creation of the cartoon created a site and content for it. Then they thought over the technology of quick and easy rendering of the cartoon. It all took a little less than six months.
    To make our product more “material”, more like a gift and evoke more emotions, we put it on a DVD.

    About the results: in a week we sold 12 discs and 1 video file.

    The project is interesting in that it is scalable. There are a lot of ideas now. New cartoons, new personalization technologies, new marketing chips and more. Now we are launching an affiliate program.

    So I switched from working with managers in jackets to mothers in bathrobes .

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