When you need some cool

    This unit has been doing for a long time, and decided to share, so to speak, on the topic of the day.

    One fine day, my Hedgehog became very warm , a quick inspection showed that the cooler on the CPU had died. The beech is guaranteed, but it was impossible to give it back, because no one can say how long it will be in the repair, but it is necessary to work.
    I decided to buy a stand for myself, but I didn’t like the price / quality from what I found on the network. As a result, he began to do it himself.

    I thought for a long time what would be the basis for the stand, at first the choice fell on plexiglass, but unfortunately, what I found was selling in large sheets (1m X 2m) did not fit again, at the price, well, and in size - I do not need so much. As a result, the choice fell on the paper tray.

    So, we doActive cooling stand for netbook / laptop .


    A4 paper tray - plastic 1 pc
    Cooler 80mm from 1 to 4 pcs (depending on desire / need)
    Fastener for cooler / s
    Insulating tape
    USB AB wire
    Sharp cutting tool (in my case it was a small chisel)
    Well, actually the heating device - I have a gas stove.
    Attentiveness, patience and accuracy.

    Many will ask, why not use a soldering iron or something like this, you can, but unfortunately I didn’t have it at hand and it’s a pity to spoil it with a chisel easier to clean (IMHO).

    The manufacturing process in the pictures is not too detailed, well, the essence, I think, will be clear.
    First, mark with a marker where we will have a cooler.



    Next, we outline the holes for the screws (it is advisable to take a tray made of strong but


    flexible plastic) and weave them (for this purpose I used a red-hot nail).
    After that, we screw our coolers and mark the slots, in fact, through which we will be supplied with air (from personal experience I advise you not to bother, as I just cut the circle faster and more efficiently.)



    Cut with a hot cutting tool, notice that when cutting on Irregularities form in the plastic, they can be cut off after the cut-off point has cooled down, or cleaned off with fine sandpaper.

    Actually the cutting item itself.

    Next, we fasten the cooler and cut off their connectors. We cut off the usb cable of the length we need, at the end it should be a plug, cut it and find the ground and + (in normal cables they are black and red, respectively, but in my case it was China) it will not be difficult to find who-is-who. Next, we connect the cooler wires to the power supply wires, isolate the vaul, the stand is ready, it remains only to connect it to the laptop and you can not worry about overheating.


    PS Because it was all done in artisanal conditions, the quality of performance is lame, but to refine this device. For example, put metal grilles.


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