Multitasking in iOS4. Not everything is so smooth

    One of the “goodies” of Apple’s mobile operating system, which iDevice users have been waiting for, has turned out to be a little crude. This is a multitasking feature that many lacked. Of course, the principle of operation of this function is implemented much better than in other mobile operating systems, but the end user is likely to find some inconvenience.

    Inconvenience number 1
    The first inconvenience (it was already spoken about somehow at the hub) is that, in addition to the others, shortcuts to those applications that have not yet acquired the necessary "multitasking daemon" fall into a special multitasking tray. This means that when you double-click on the Home button, you will see shortcuts to all ever open applications. The buffer of running programs will be constantly filled with necessary and unnecessary to work in multitasking mode.
    My solution to inconvenience number 1
    Of course, it is unrealistic and ugly to add a separate hard button on the phone for such a function, which would completely close the application, rather than send it to the buffer. But you can get by with a little blood if the applications acquire a display exit button. Although I myself do not like this idea myself, it would somehow help in solving the buffer overflow problem. For example, it might look like on Mac OS:

    Inconvenience number 2
    Although the second inconvenience stems from the first, but sometimes there is a need to close all applications that are in the buffer. However, in the current firmware version, you can only manually close applications one at a time.
    My solution to inconvenience number 2
    You can make a red shortcut in the same buffer with a big cross to close all applications at once. But that doesn't seem to be quite Apple-style. Therefore, it would not be bad to make it possible to close all applications at once by shaking the phone with the buffer open:

    Inconvenience number 3
    In part, this inconvenience is caused by the presence of the two previous ones, but since we were talking about shortcomings, then we need to mention all of them. It consists in the fact that to manually close several applications in a row, sometimes you don’t get to the top left of the shortcut, where the close icon is located. Actually, why only the left corner reacts to push-close? After all, the rest of the label in this case remains out of work ...
    My solution to inconvenience number 3
    Since the shortcuts in the buffer are not dragged, the close button could be placed on the entire area of ​​the shortcut, thus the percentage of hits on the close button would increase:

    I’m almost sure that one of the firmware updates will come up with something in order to make multitasking more comfortable. Therefore, it remains to wait, since I do not really want to jailbreak.

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