EBay stops working with service users in Crimea


    The eBay marketplace will cease to serve residents of the Crimea in connection with the decree of US President Barack Obama to impose a ban on economic relations with the peninsula. This is reported by Izvestia.

    The American eBay trading platform has joined the sanctions and is no longer serving the residents of Crimea. This was reported to Izvestia in the company itself.

    “As a global e-commerce platform, eBay should be able to offer its customers uninterrupted service in all markets where we operate,” the company said. - We are sorry that at the moment we cannot provide our customers in Crimea with high-level support. We informed all clients in Crimea about the current situation, and our support service is ready to assist each of them. We apologize for the inconvenience and look forward to the moment when the circumstances in the region change in order to return to Crimea and ensure the stable operation of all our services.

    In mid-December last year, US President Barack Obama signed a decree imposing new sanctions against Russia. “The decree prohibits new investments by US residents in the Crimean region of Ukraine, the import of goods, services, technologies into the USA from the Crimea, as well as the export, re-export, sale and supply of goods, services and technologies from the USA or by persons residing in the USA into the Crimean region of Ukraine ", - said in a letter to Obama, Speaker of the House of Representatives John Beyneru.

    Earlier , Apple , PayPal , AdSense , AdWords, Odesk, GoDaddy announced the termination of their services . Google Apps , Steam , HP and Dell plan to suspend sales of products on the peninsula.

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