Internet Archive employees will get paid in bitcoins

    Yesterday, Internet Archive executives published a curious press release . “As bitcoins become the“ local currency ”of the Internet, Internet Archive would like to use it. Over the past two years, more than 300 people have kindly donated the bitcoins of our organization. Some employees of Internet Archive have expressed a desire to receive part of the salary for February in bitcoins. If everything goes well, then this can become a permanent practice, ”the press release said.

    Thus, Internet Archive becomes the first serious organization that partially switches to paying salaries in bitcoins.

    Since 1996, Internet Archive has been casting the Internet and supporting the operation of the largest archive of web pages on the Internet. The base has already grown to 267 billion URLs and exceeded 5 petabytes. The service lives solely through donations.

    It should be noted that now Bitcoins are growing sharply in price again. The cost of 1 BTC has just exceeded $ 30 . On the one hand, due to the growth of the exchange rate, it becomes possible to use smaller units in the calculations, and the BTC money supply is beginning to suffice for the salaries and turnover of an increasing number of companies. On the other hand, an increase from $ 15 to $ 30 in one month is more like an inflation bubble than a stable increase in money supply, and such bubbles are not at all useful for a payment system.

    Surely, paying salaries in bitcoins will become a normal practice in the future. Recently, one of the exchangers has agreed with an organization that has a banking license , which makes it possible to issue payment cards with maintaining balance in bitcoins and automatically converting to other currencies. That is, people can get paid by bitcoins - and calmly pay by card in a store where they accept euros. Conversion will automatically occur at the current BTC rate.

    Donations to the Internet Archive are accepted on the wallet 17gN64BPHtxi4mEM3qWrxdwhieUvRq8R2r.

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