About DNA

    At the Walter Institute and Eliza Hall (Australia), they made some excellent animations about the most basic processes occurring in our body. All processes are shown in real time.

    1. It is shown how a DNA molecule ~ 1.8 meters long is packed into a chromosome.
    2. Copying DNA using a molecular machine - Helicase .
    3. Transcribing DNA to RNA to produce further hemoglobin protein.
    4. Translation of RNA into hemoglobin using a ribosome .
    5. Hemoglobin and Sickle cell disease .

    Unfortunately, the video is not very good quality. I tried to mix high-quality video from the Institute’s website (it’s 600 x 480 there) with this sound - it doesn’t converge in many places; (

    There is this video, but without comment, but in excellent quality, and at the same time all the other videos on biology. Most at 600x480. Apoptosis (programmed cell death), Type 1 diabetes, Malaria infection, Immune system response to infection, malignant (cancer) tumors.

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