Down Notifier - a free server monitoring service

    “Does this site work for you?” And this one? ”
    Do you know these questions? I think yes.
    I lacked a simple as a service board to determine if the site is working or is it a problem with my connection.

    In general, there can be nothing complicated in such a service, so I decided to quickly sketch it out. And so as not to bother with hosting (and its stability :)), I wrote everything as an application for google hedgehog .

    Svarganil to work somehow, showed friends and I was advised to add a couple of features that seemed pleasant to me. Now I decided to show the service to you - nothing new, but it is simple, free, stress-free and works. ;)
    Actually the service itself is Down Notifier .

    What is the trick:
    1) free
    2) fast (it takes about 10 seconds to sign up for a notification)
    3) does not require registration
    4) notification via email, twitter, xmpp, sms (more on that later)
    5) check every 10 minutes (maybe then it will be less now) everything is in test mode)
    6) after checking the resource, you can get a proof link to the status.
    7) fault-tolerant (located on Google servers)

    I want to say separately about registration: I don’t know about you, but it starts to turn me off from one registration form and I want to quickly escape from such a site. Therefore, I decided to simplify the situation by the fact that you can log in using a Google or Twitter account (I think people who do not have either one are VERY small :))

    As for the notification via SMS, I want to say the following: since the service is free, I didn’t get sophisticated and made it possible to notify via standard gateways.
    This item in the user settings is presented as “Additional email”.
    Here there is a list of gateways (although it is outdated, I can not answer how relevant it is).

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