Carbon Flyer: smartphone-controlled carbon fiber airplane

    The project of the radio-controlled airplane PowerUp 3.0 at one time raised a large amount of funds on Kickstarter. And in fact, a system that allows you to turn an ordinary paper airplane into a hi-tech device is interesting.

    Now there is another similar project, Carbon Flyer, which, however, has many differences from PowerUP. Firstly, it is the body material: Carbon Flyer is assembled from carbon fiber, which ensures high reliability of the design. Secondly, there are more technological innovations, which will be discussed further in the sequel. Thirdly, the management of Carbon Flyer is very convenient, it seems that even a small child can handle it.

    Carbon Flyer Features

    In addition to the carbon fiber body, as mentioned above, Carbon Flyer boasts two screws mounted on the wings. Thanks to them, the airplane can pick up a fairly high speed. In addition to screws, there are no more moving elements, to ensure high reliability of the design.

    It is controlled by Carbon Flyer from a smartphone via Bluetooth (Bluetooth 4.0). Communication is supported at distances up to 75 meters. And on board the airplane carries a small video camera that allows you to shoot video while the airplane is in the air. You can take photos if you don’t want to write a video.

    In addition, the airplane can be launched at night - and in order for a person to see where the device is located, Carbon Flyer is equipped with a pair of bright LEDs. Of course, at night it is worth starting your aircraft in an open area - trees and other obstacles will not allow you to enjoy flying in the dark.

    In order to ensure the best aerodynamic qualities of the airplane, the developers consulted with aviation specialists, as a result of which the optimal shape was created. The nose of the aircraft is made of durable plastic, to prevent deformation of the body in collisions with obstacles at a significant speed.

    In test trials, developers flew into a concrete wall at high speed, more than 30 times. Even after that, Carbon Flyer did not have any problems - no chips, no special scratches.

    A battery capacity of 150 mAh is enough for 3 minutes of flight. But the battery is easy to remove, and the kit provides additional batteries that can be replaced to extend the pleasure of flying.

    When will it be possible to order?

    The first batch of aircraft will go to those customers who pre-ordered Indiegogo (the campaign is already fully funded). Since August, the price of the device will be $ 149.

    Only registered users can participate in the survey. Please come in.

    Do you like Carbon Flyer?

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    • 65.5% Yes, an interesting idea, only a little expensive 213
    • 14.4% No, I do not like 47

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