QIWI Visa Virtual - a pleasant change in tariff

    imageMore recently, QIWI Wallet and Virtual QIWI Visa announced the long-awaited innovation - the card has become replenished .

    Another good news of the project: from July 1, the commission for the purchase of a card will decrease to 3.63% (now 5.26%).

    This reduction is planned to be organized in the form of shares - during July 2010 . Although, there is nothing more permanent than something temporary .

    A reduction in the commission by almost two percentage points forced us to introduce a minimum commission level of 25 rubles.
    To date, the average card purchase amount is 1,150 rubles.. This means that for the vast majority of our users, the introduction of new conditions is an absolute plus! But it is worth recognizing that buying cards with a face value of 300 rubles will become less profitable ... The

    new rules will apply not only to the purchase of cards , but also to the replenishment of existing ones.

    Your recommendations to increase the life of cards at least twice - we hear . Active discussions are underway on this issue.

    We will report additional results :)

    Help :The project started in August 2009 and in just 9 months the turnover amounted to more than 400 million rubles. Turnover in June 2010 alone is more than 70 million rubles. The average replenishment amount of QIWI VISA Virtual cards continues to increase: compared to August 2009, the indicator grew by more than 50%.

    Not tomorrow, the new conditions have already entered into force. First of all, on the site :

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